Any news about the PS5 is good news. After arduous months of waiting to hear pricing and availability, after the rumours and speculation that have swarmed the internet, finally we got the showcase we wanted! I mean, after the below video it was quite brutal of Sony to make us wait this long!

Anyway, here is everything that happened in the PS5 showcase, broken down at each video segment to make easy watching for you.

After a super-cut of various games, the PS5 showcase moved into the games available on the PS5. The video is broken down into each part below, if you want to skip to the good stuff of the video, this is the post for you. The only thing you will miss is the little teasers of the console and PS Plus graphics they used to break between each clip.


Final Fantasy XVI

First up on the PS5 showcase was a glimpse at Final Fantasy XVI. There aren’t a game I’ve put much time into in the past, but its looking like a really immersive experience, although, it did come with the advisory: “The following content is captured on PC emulating the PS5 experience”. You can see the Final Fantasy preview in the video below. A good start to the PS5 showcase if you ask me!


Following Final Fantasy XVI we moved into segments that came with a better warning then the one above: “All cinematic and gameplay footage you are about to see from this point forward in the show has been captured from PlayStation 5 systems” so no more doubt over visuals!

Spider-Man Miles Morales

The next game up in the PS5 showcase? Spider-Man Miles Morales, this game looks cool. Check out the footage from the PS5 reveal below:

It’s a decent length look at the video, with genuine footage, captured on a PS5 and features some insight from the Creative Director at Insomniac Games. Importantly with this one, release is down as holidays 2020, so hopefully inline with the actual release date.


Hogwarts Legacy

Following Spider-Man the PS5 showcase moved into another video game utilising the cinema world with Harry Potter. This game, called Hogwarts Legacy, looks great as well. I’m hoping it has an open-world element, it certainly seems to have decision -making logic that affect the outcome of your game. Check it out below:


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

No console launch or reveal would be complete without the Call of Duty franchise showing off what can be done with the tech. After the Harry Potter universe has faded away, the PS5 showcase moved into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. A lengthy name if you ask me…

I fall in and out of love with the Call of Duty franchise, but a free teaser of the multiplayer this weekend should hopefully help settle any nerves I have about sinking money into the new game.


Resident Evil Village

Here we go! Who doesn’t love a Resident Evil game? They have the right level of problem solving and action to keep you in the game, and a good level of fear to make you want to stop playing. This teaser, did not disappoint!



I had no clue what this game was, but it looks clever and retro and just enjoyable! It’s difficult to explain, so just watch the video below. As with the other links it starts from the right time in the PS5 showcase.

I’d say its worth playing, but does depend on how much it is for whether I’d buy on game release, which is set for 2021.


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

A short snippet from the franchise. But the game is looking crisp! They’ve always been visually impressive games, it seems that the power of the PS5 gives Capcom a lot to work with! Well done PS5 showcase.


Oddworld Soulstorm

I like trailers that offer some insight from the the people behind the scenes, Oddworld Soulstorm does just this! Following the story on from the previous game, this looks to be another visually stunning game coming to the PS5.


Friday Nights at Freddy’s

I really don’t know what to think of this one!? Is it cool? Is it creepy? Is it scary? Have a look at the clip below from the showcase, if you can shed some light on it, then do let me know in the comments what it is about!

Demon’s Souls

On initial watch of this I thought Demon’s Souls looked quite dull, fairly repetitive and albeit easy. The character is one-hitting each enemy, in glorious fashion I might add, but looks to be playing with ease. Maybe it was the way the trailer was set up, more to show off different combat moves, but I wasn’t sure. Then the way it ended, made me wonder if this game may just be a rage quitter.

When that ‘You Died’ came up did you get flashbacks to throwing controllers? Or is that just me?



This is testament to the Fortnite game. Free to play this remember? And it has made it into the PS5 showcase. Love it or loath it, it is embedded into video gaming. The clip doesn’t reveal anything groundbreaking, probably just reassuring die-hard fans that their beloved game will be available at launch!


PlayStation Plus Collection

It looks to be that PlayStation Plus will now include PS Now. A good idea if you ask me, and certainly a way to compete with the Xbox subscription. My only concern is the age of the games on offer. I’d like to see some new titles come with this.


PS5 Price and Release Date

The real reason we all tuned in to the PS5 showcase. I don’t need to write anything here. You can jump straight to the good stuff by watching the video below.

Did you get chills? I got chills?


PS5 Pre-Order

By the time I’d written this post. Essentially everywhere has sold out of the PS5 pre-order allocation. Or here in the UK that is the case. I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on one via amazon, anyone else sitting smiling at the email they’ve received?