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Competitive or casual multiplayer gaming needs a good squad, whether you’re in it to win it, trophy hunting, XP farming or just out for a laugh.

Squads come in many shapes and sizes, consist of new friends and old, one-off players and lifelong gaming comrades, but what makes a good squad?


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I have many years of getting obliterated in multiplayer gaming, I don’t want this to sound like a brag, but over these many years, I’ve probably been part of the winning team at least 5 times. The key to all those wins? A functioning squad, what makes a squad function I hear you ask?

Squad Communication

Whether you’re spamming crouch to communicate, using a ping system or a gaming headset, talking to the squad is imperative in getting the most out of multiplayer gaming. But don’t take my word for it, have a look at this video I’ve shared in another post below, listen to the call outs:


Working Together / Staying Close

We’ve all had those games. You land into the warzone, arena, world, quest or whatever it is. You set off, determined to see victory, you scavenge and loot, pillage and plunder, you gear up and level up. You look to your left, a trusty companion stands alongside you. You look to your right, nothing, no team mate, no squad member; nothing. Where have they gone?

You check the mini map, their icon hugs the outer ring of the map, they’re outside of the immediate area, you open the full map. From the first step they’ve set off in the complete opposite direction. As you notice this, fate comes in on swift wings and destroys the deserter, as their near lifeless character begins to crawl away, you hear the click of a microphone being switched on. The swearing from your downed team mate begins… Somehow their desertion is your fault, their death might as well have came from your bullet as far as they are concerned.

Stay with your squad in a multiplayer! Ditching each other isn’t fun for anyone! Got challenges to do? Go solo! Or ask your team to head wherever it is, stick your microphone on, they’re only human, most gamers are happy to help.


Having a Good Laugh

In the end, gaming is meant to be fun, we should enjoy it, and enjoying it with a squad is even better. Check out this video below, a good laugh at the start, good communication as the game progresses and a good laugh at the end. All the while working together and staying close, this might be a good squad?


What makes a good squad? Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed anything!