To talk about The Warriors game, is to speak from the heart. What. A. Game. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll appreciate the game even more. If you haven’t seen the film, firstly, what are you playing at? And secondly, you’ll still really enjoy the game! If I can add one piece of advice before continuing, the game is even better as a split screen co-op.


I’m a big fan of games developed by Rockstar Games, they’re obviously largely known for the GTA franchise, but The Warriors game adds another level for what the studio is able to produce.

The premise of The Warriors is simple, spend the early chapters of the game learning the back story to the gang you are a part of, as well as developing an attachment to particular characters, most of which are in the actual film. Then as the story progresses you forge your way through the same story line as the film. I don’t want to give too much away, I’m aiming to avoid spoilers for both the film and the game!

I do however, want to dive into some of the better gameplay elements of The Warriors game though:


Of course The Warriors game needs fighting in it! How could it not? But with this game it offered a lovely bled of button bashing and technical button pressing to pull off both grapple and throwing combos. Personally, I always enjoyed bashing a rival gang member’s head into a wall, or launching them off a rooftop!

Spray Painting

I’ve added the quick video above so you can see the spray painting mechanic this game had, it was so fun and ridiculously frustrating all at the same time!

Out Run / Chase Scenes

This may seem like a strange title for an element of a game. But with The Warriors, sometimes you had to just cut your losses and run! Which to be entirely honest, some of the funniest outcomes came with failing to escape the garbage truck, police, or baseball wielding rival gang; the Baseball Furies. Watch out for those guys!


My final words on The Warriors game, you’ll see a lot of similarities in how GTA is structured, but in a less time intense way. You still get the chance to button bash at the gym and develop a decent story through cut scenes and game play. The mini games, arcade mode and collectables mean that the game offers the chance to play-through more than once and still uncover new stuff. So get some flash, get is downloaded and tear them apart.

I originally had The Warriors game on PS2, back in the good old days. It was on Xbox as well, but my loyalties lie in Sony over Microsoft so I can’t speak for the game on that console. Today, I know it is available on PS4, so you still have the chance to play it there.


One final thing on The Warriors, if you have seen the film, and/or played the game. You will appreciate the video below: