I’ve gone vintage with this one! I was sat one evening thinking up a bunch of titles for articles, and I decided to cast my mind back to games I played as a kid on rainy caravan holidays. Into my head pops Philately, a simple enough game that has a Monopoly feel to it.


The premise with the Philately board game is simple, complete your stamp collection, you did this by moving around the board, the number of squares dictated by the roll of the dice. You could buy, sell, swap, collect and inherit stamps as moved through the game. It was honestly a fantastic board game experience.

I’m trying to make this seem as exciting as I remember it being. It really sounds abysmal as a game. But it was honestly one of my favourites to play!


I’m not on the hunt for a copy of it, firstly searching my parents house to see if it buried somewhere in the attic. If not, by the looks of it, it will be a job for eBay. It certainly not available new based on what I’ve discovered so far.

I’m thinking it may be a collectable now.

If anyone does have copy, contact me. I’d be interest in buying it from you!