I felt the need to write a tribute to Pokemon. This game series has offered so much enjoyment to me over so many years!


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Fitting in everything I want to say about Pokemon is going to prove tricky. I already know I’m not going to cover every angle on this. But this is my tribute.

Pokemon Cards

This is where it all began for me, I was in my earliest of years when the trading game phenomenon began, and ever since then, Pokemon has held a special place in my heart. Of course, I’m clearly on the hunt for those cards I spent so much time collecting. Maybe I will find them while I’m on the hunt for this board game I’ve been on the look out for.


I had a binder and everything for my cards. I only really bothered with the original 150, once the further versions started to come out I lost some interest in them. Essentially it was those originals that really got me hooked. Which is really quite irritating since I couldn’t get a decent image of an original Pokemon card to go with this post.

Pokemon Game Boy Games

Now the Pokemon Game Boy games are a serious top contender for some of my favourite games of all time. I put hours into those games, specifically for me it was Pokemon Yellow. Getting to start with Pikachu wasn’t my preferred choice, but that was what you got with Pokemon Yellow. Getting together with friends to trade and battle over a link cable was just the best! I even completed the Pokedex on it once, and printed out a little certificate on my Game Boy printer.


I still have my Game Boy and Pokemon Yellow, so I’m good to revisit this adventure whenever I feel like it. But if you’re lacking the equipment to play Pokemon you can track down everything you’d need here on Amazon.

Pokemon Go

What a takeover Pokemon Go became in just the general gaming world and for mobile apps globally. I’ve traded items with other adventurers around the world! The game itself is just fantastic.


If you haven’t played it, Pokemon Go is on all the App stores. Just make sure you have plenty mobile data before starting your adventure, this game does like devour it!

Pokemon Go takes mobile gaming outdoors, you adventure to PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms and catch Pokemon on the way. I don’t feel I need to describe it further. As this is a tribute, I just want to make it known, that I think the introduction of Pokemon Go was just a fantastic addition to the Pokemon universe and mobile gaming in general.

Pokemon Legends

Now Pokemon Legends I know very little about. I’m currently in the process of setting up an account to start playing it. Rather than trying to explain it to you, I found a decent video:


Again, what an addition to the Pokemon universe!

Side note: Pokemon TV Series

I know this is really a a site about board and video games. But if I am offering tribute to Pokemon correctly, I’ve got to give some acknowledge to the TV series as well. If upon casting your mind back to the original TV series doesn’t start you singing the Pokemon theme tune then we can’t be friends! Do yourself a favour, search on YouTube for the full episodes, get the nostalgic fix right now.


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