Is this a crossover episode? I guess it is because today I’m looking at board games based or inspired by a video counterpart. Admittedly I haven’t played them all. But a bit of digging into this area has found some real gems of board games to consider.


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Lets jump right into it, turns out there are a lot of video game based board games out there. Here are 10 that I think are worth looking at and why:

1) Doom: The Board Game

I used to bloody love playing Doom on PC. Since stumbling across the fact there is a board game I’m now on the hunt for a video game version to get those nostalgia feels and I’ve got the Doom board game currently on the way! So expect some game spotlight posts coming shortly for both versions.

Anyway onto the actual Doom board game, you can find it here on Amazon, its expensive, but I feel it will hold value for money in pure enjoyment.

The game itself is a simple enough premise, 2-5 players work their way through different scenarios, changing in each subsequent game due to specific rules and objectives decided before starting to play. This alone future-proofs enjoyment of the game as it offers variety. As an added twist, one of the player must play the role of the invaders and attack the Union Aerospace Corporation’s space base on Mars, it is the classic good vs evil in a Doom Board Game, whats not to love?

2) Street Fighter

I couldn’t find this game to buy anywhere in the UK, but wanted to feature it in the post as I just think it sounds awesome!

Played Street Fighter? Then you’ll grasp the concept of the board game very quickly! Use your starting cards to grow and develop your deck to take on stronger and stronger bosses. Defeating bosses provides victory points, points are the way to win the game! Simple enough, and by the looks of it, an excellent trip down memory lane of your favourite Street Fighter characters!

3) Resident Evil 2 Board Game

I was quite shocked I didn’t know this game existed. The Resident Evil games are just pure class! So to throw a board game into the mix really is something cool.

The Resident Evil board game takes players to the streets of Racoon City, it is co-op board game for up to 4 players that has an RPG feel to it as you work your way through scenarios based off of the video game.

4) Assassin’s Creed Arena

Admittedly, I’m not fan of the Assassins Creed gaming franchise. I couldn’t ever get passed the first games repetitive nature. That’s not to say I don’t think they’re excellent games, but the sour taste that first experience left me with has meant I’ve missed every iteration since that one.

Now, the board game I just liked the sound of it. The premise is simple, take out your target. You compete against your opponents to collect targets, cards and treasure in what reads to be tactical cardplay game.

5) Dark Souls Board Game

This game started on kickstarter, I actually remember seeing the campaign for it back in 2016/17 I believe it was.

We’ve all rage quit dark souls before right? Right? You must have done!

I’ve featured this one just because I like the idea of having similar level of rage quitting a board game. I actually know nothing else about the game!

6) Tomb Raider Legends Board Game

This is another game I’ve ordered having done some reading up on board games based on video games. I honestly just think it sounds like a right board game adventure!

Playing the game sounds simple enough, grab the artefact and get over the finish line before any other players do. But the twist is, that the is only one real artefact and two replicas. So you’ve got to bluff your way to the finish line against your friends.

7) World of Warcraft: The Board Game

Any board game that asks you to select a character such as hunter or warlock before you even begin is a winner in my eyes. This seems to be exactly what you need to do in the World of Warcraft board game.

The game is reasonably well-paced. You need defeat an overlord in 30 turns, if you are unsuccessful in achieving this then you must go head to head against one of your fellow players. The factions must work together, but are also pitted against each other in these scenarios, a nice looking blend of co-operative gaming mixed with competitive.

8) The Witcher Adventure Game

Tabletop adventure for up to 4 players. Yes everyone’s favourite from the Tc series is there; Geralt!

The Witcher board game seems to have everything of the video games: monster battles, quests and gold. The game looks to be huge, I’m talking hours-long game play. It’s unique in its set up as there is a custom dice for the common pool and then a specific dice for your character of choice as well as development cards to increase the specs of your character.

9) Zelda Monopoly

A simple enough premise. Play Monopoly but in the Zelda universe. I’m not going to talk much about this one, it seems obvious enough: Like Zelda? Like Monopoly? Then you’ll like this game!

10) Fallout: The Board Game

With the Fallout board game you are in that post nuclear world we know all too well. Or at least we will by the end of the game. You aren’t players in this one, you are survivors. As survivors, the Fallout board game request you to explore the hidden world, fight enemies and build your skills to take on harder quests and stronger opponents.


There are many more board games based on video games out there I can assure you, these were just my own highlights. Try searching your favourite video game, but as a board game, you never know. You might be missing out on additional hours of fun!

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