One of the free games this month on PlayStation Plus is the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and it is an absolute riot to play! Its mindless gaming where luck seems to prevail over skill.

I must also mention, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC as well, plus my reading suggests that it will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well. But until I see that confirmed, I’m not one to add to rumours.

This battle royale game uses a very simple concept, it follows an ‘It’s a knockout’ style game show feel. Work your way through the rounds till your the last man standing. Currently it has boomed passed the developers (Mediatonic) own expectations as on launch day they had to stop matchmaking while they added new servers.

Will it stand the test of time or have users flocked to the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to only temporarily use it?

I’m not sure. I’ve played a handful of games so far, on start up and menu screen you are met with some real jazzy music that does resonate with the idea of ‘fun is ahead’.

It has all the elements of battle royale games we are now used to seeing: a season and ‘pass’ to go with it, which currently I don’t see a cost to unlock it. You’ve got the choice to unlock/buy skins or outfits as they’re called in Fall Guys and their is a store associated with it for getting your hands on these things.

To answer the original question of whether Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has staying power. I think so, but, for me, only as an option of when I’m getting sick of being sent back to the lobby in the other battle royales I play. I think it would be one of those games I’d happily leave on my PS4, at only 7ish GB there’s no harm in keeping it.


I’ve found a gameplay video below. I don’t actually think it quite does Fall Guys justice in showing just how much chaos this game brings. But will give you a decent idea, most likely I’d suggest watching it while you’re already downloading it!

Do you get gaming rage? This game may start to induce that. First couple of games for me meant the novelty kept me from stressing, but I could really see this becoming a controller throwing, desk punching aggression enabler.

In some ways, I’d say play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with caution! You will either be laughing your back off all the way through, or really wanting to punch something. There is a charm to the game, but also a unique simplicity that means by the fact you can only run and jump, so much of the skill is removed that you are left to the fate of the gaming gods for is you progress. Maybe a little too much luck over skill in this game for me.


This game spotlight turned into more of a review of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and so to round it out. As I’ve written those post I’ve played more games and with each game my opinion has changed. I’ve already developed a love/hate relationship with it. Getting passed an obstacle does fill me with pride, but failing to progress does have me very aware that it was luck of the draw and my fruitless progression was purely down to the some random object smashing me on the head and sending me back.