Or do you call it chutes and ladders? I believe it gets called that in other countries. Here in the UK, and for me, snakes and ladders. For a but of interest, the game apparently originally stemmed from a game in India called Moksha Patam.


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I don’t feel I need to overly describe this game, its Snakes and Ladders. Surely every one has played it! If you haven’t, buy it here. It is a simple, but very enjoyable game for at least 2 players. Role a dice, climb a ladder if you land on it, or slide down a snake if you on one!

If you’ve spent any time playing snakes and ladders on a rainy British holiday then you have enjoyed the losses and triumphs the same as I have. You have also likely played it in reverse, climbing snakes and falling down ladders instead.


Does anyone remember the sheer pain of being on those final squares and landing on that snakes head? Or the massive snake that sent you furthest back down the board? I very strongly remember my opponents getting to climb the massive ladder up the middle of the board. It was usually my sister!

I’ve no idea how quickly you could finish the game, but someone with the right doubles and landing on the correct ladders could absolutely blitz this game in no time at all.

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