There’s a few streamers in this highlight video, but I’ve opted for the footage from Nick Eh 30’s viewpoint. Find below links to all four gamers channels. Each have their own style of streaming, so may not all to your liking.

Nick Eh 30:

One Shot Gurl:




Now then, onto the actual video. Essentially, these four absolutely clean up this game. Nick Eh 30 and One Shot Gurl are competing against Tfue and Cloak in a tournament that was hosted by UMG and Keemstar, if I remember correctly the two teams were competing for the most kills over two games. A win meant progressing to the next part of the tournament bracket.

This was before the first Fortnite world cup and before the competitive scene was built into the game so much of the competitive stuff did happen almost manually. It was the earlier days of Fortnite too, which meant records could be broken a lot easier, not to take anything away from what they manage here!


Give the video below a watch, it offers great teamwork, sheer joy and generally all round great gaming. Everything I like to see in a streamer highlight.