Heard of the book? Seen the film? Well now let me introduce you to the board game of The Dangerous Book for Boys!


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You don’t need to have read the book to appreciate the game. But a game that is based on a book with chapters called things such as conkers, dinosaurs, juggling, timers and tripwires, skimming stones and artillery. You know its got to be a decent laugh and an adventure to play.

The actual game’s instructions begin with “You’ve been stranded on a desert island with nothing but your wits and some string to save you” Not many games start with that!

The game is a mix of classic board game pieces such as a board, dice and cards. Where this game gets it extra twist is when you add in stars, raft pieces, planets and string, amongst other things!

You aren’t a player in this game, you’re an adventurer! Roll the dice, move your spaces, depending on what tile you land will decide whether you draw one of the many cards or gain a resource. Some cards offer help, others offer challenges you must do alone as a group!


A long story short, to win this game, travel the board, collect your raft pieces, assemble it and sail away into victorious sunset. This game really is just an adventurous riot of a laugh, and the more enthusiasm you approach the game with, honestly the more fun it is!

Interested in trying a board game that’s a little different? And likely something you neither your friends have played before, you can find The Dangerous Book for Boys board game on Amazon.

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