Name of the Game: Battlefield 1

Platforms: PS4, Xbox and Origin

Genre: World War

Summary: The best Battlefield game there has been, as far as I am concerned. Others may not agree! To give an actual summary, this Battlefield game offers massive 64 player multiplayer classic PvP battles and objective based war stories as well as a bloody brilliant single player. It is one of those single player campaigns that really makes you care for the campaign.


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This Battlefield game is just excellent. The older ones are great, don’t get me wrong, but I can play the older ones with a nostalgic enjoyment. Whereas Battlefield 1, that I would likely be able to fire up in the PS5 and get real enjoyment because it will and already is a timelessly excellent game. The original game was huge, and they’ve brought 4 expansions out since then, as far as I’m concerned this game in unstoppable.

What is it I like about Battlefield 1 so much? It never gets dull, huge maps, multiple objectives and large teams means no game is ever the same. Add to all of that, the fact that it is just beautiful to be in any of the maps, sheer destruction, scenery and weapon details all just combines to create something incredible! I mean, check out the reveal trailer below from 2016:

If that trailer doesn’t float your boat then quite frankly I question what your taste in games is! Although if shooters or world war aren’t your thing, then fair enough.


Battlefield 1 is on a variety of platforms, there are a few buying options here. I know any purchase of this game would be worthwhile!

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