Streamer: iTemp Plays

Platform: YouTube

YouTube Channel:

I’m a big fan of iTemp (Rich) the quality of footage he creates is just excellent. I currently watch him for his Apex videos and now I’ve gotten into his Modern Warfare: Warzone stuff. It’s a warzone video I’ve opted to showcase first for iTemp, I know fine well I will be selecting more from him in the future.

Much of this video is actually uneventful, but its a great introduction to Rich’s streaming style: a rather polite and friendly, almost casual commentary he provides. This video just feels like honest graft from him and good to see his first solo win. Check out the video below:

If you’re an Apex fan, his game play on it is unreal. Head over to his YouTube channel and have a look around. I know at the time of writing this, he is close to 1 million subscribers, so do what you can if you like what you see.