It was very tempting to write a very clickbait title for this one. I could have included ‘release date’ or ‘pre-orders’ and any number terms like that which the internet is currently speculating about. But in the end, I just want to talk about the PS5, and how bloody excited I am about getting one.


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The moment the PS5 is available to buy, its going straight in my basket! I’ve essentially got the Amazon page bookmarked.

What do I know and what do I think

  • The PS5 is that it is meant to arrive Holidays 2020, so in time for Christmas, that makes it the ideal present to buy myself! If I can get before Christmas it hopefully means I will accustomed to it before people get them on Christmas, so I can smash some Xmas noobs!
  • There will apparently be two versions of it, one that takes discs, and one that is digital only. The disc version I believe will be more expensive, which is tricky as how much of a price difference there is will really affect my purchasing choice. The system will be backwards compatible, so if I want to play my old games, I will need the version with a disc drive. Add to this that the PlayStation store is usually more expensive than buying disc versions also makes me wonder whether the cheaper digital only version will be worth it in the long run.
  • It looks amazing! If somehow you haven’t seen any images of it, take a look at the images in this post. They’ve really nailed this one! Both the actual console and controller just look fantastic, it looks like it is from the future, but it is here today!
  • The tech inside it sounds unreal! I’m not going to pretend I understand what I have read and watched. But it sounds like the system is going to be fast and reliable.
  • I’m mixed about the games on offer for launch. I would have expected some flagship games coming from the big developers. Having said that looking on the Sony website there will be a new Spider-Man, another Horizon game, Gran Turismo and what looks like a Little Big Planet style game. I either haven’t played any of those games, or didn’t like them. So, for me, I’m hoping for more from game developers before release. Otherwise I will be playing GTA V on my third iteration of PlayStation. If I’m honest, I’d really want to see a Resistance game come back!

For me, PlayStation will always be my console of choice. To hold any other controller just feels weird, shivers up my spine kind of weird. But whether you’re a die hard Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or whatever fan, you’ve got to admit, the PS5 looks like a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait!

Give this video from Sony a watch, it is tasty!

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