Streamer: NiceWigg


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A word of warning before watching this streamer highlight, strong language is afoot in this video. But it is a very good watch, you really get a grasp of the intensity of competitive gaming. I think this video really shows that esports really has many similarities to more conventional sports, the communication, the hype and just generally how the athletes operate. Difficult to put into words, but once you’ve watched it you will likely understand what I mean.

Have a look at the video below, spoiler alert, NiceWigg and crew do win the Apex Legends Global Series Grand Final, it isn’t full games, but highlights. As one comment says on the YouTube video their is a real relationship goal at the end.

If you like the video and NiceWigg’s general play style, be sure to give him a follow or check him out on Twitch. The only thing I would say, if you are wanting to relax and watch some gaming, NiceWigg likely isn’t the one to watch, this guy is intense! An excellent gamer and entertaining, but intense.