Streamer: TimTheTatman

Platform: Twitch

YouTube Channel:

If you haven’t heard or watched any of Tim’s videos have a look through his channel above. Or watch the video below, a particular favourite of mine! He is often streaming with some high-profile names, and is quite the big name himself of course.

This video is a Fortnite highlight, where he is playing with Ninja, BasicallyIdoWrk & DrLupo. Ninja is playing the role of ‘President’ and armed only with a pistol the others play the role of security, using the ‘John Wick’ skin.

Check out the video below

If you enjoyed the video, do check out Tim’s YouTube channel and Twitch that I linked at the top. Give a like, follow or whatever you can do to show appreciation. Streamers work hard and do appreciate support in followers.