Name of the Game: Monopoly

Platform: Board and Mobile App

Genre: Property Trading

Summary: Does this timeless classic need a summary? Likely not. But it definitely needed a game spotlight. Too many countless hours enjoyed on this game not to include it!


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I wonder if they knew they were onto a winner with Monopoly? A brief look on the Hasbro website shows that there is 22 different products, I highly doubt that is the entire range. In fact, having looked through them, I know I’ve seen other versions not listed their. The fact the game can be repeated for essentially any location in the world really means it is entirely future proof. Imagine the day we finally colonise Mars, being able to play with a little Curiosity Rover and land on newly named habits based on lucky rolls of the dice. That is the power of what was originally a simple board game based on London streets.

I own one version of Monopoly, a simple classic. Handed down from likely two generations! Some highlights of variants for me are (in no particular order!):

  1. Pokemon – Purely for the nostalgia.
  2. Star Wars – Simply because it is Star Wars.
  3. Game of Thrones – It is the closest I’ll get to such a scandalous lifestyle.
  4. Lord of the Rings – Who doesn’t want to build quaint little houses in the Shire?
  5. Nintendo – Honestly, it looks amazing!
  6. National Parks – Surely it will count as being in the Great Outdoors?
  7. Monopoly Millionaire – I like the different twist on this, you win by being the first millionaire.
  8. AntiMonopoly – Its an interesting twist on the game, where players adopt being free market competitors compete with monopolists.
  9. Cheaters Edition – We’ve all cheated in the traditional game, why not play by the rules and cheat in this one.
  10. Mega Edition – I mean, everyone says that monopoly is over too quickly right? Thank goodness this game has added 12 extra tiles.

If you don’t have a version of Monopoly I’d highly recommend having one, an idle night can be quickly filled by cracking out this game! So few people really ever refuse a game, especially when its a spontaneous suggestion.

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