Name of the Game: Apex Legends

Platforms: PS4, Xbox and PC

Genre: Battle Royale

Summary: This is a free to play Battle Royale game that is constantly changing. Broken up into seasons, each one offers a new twist on the map, the legend and the overall style of the game.


Apex Legends is a bloody excellent game. As much as the premise of it is very simple, be the last team standing, no game is ever the same. I will keep what the game is about brief, since its free to play, there’s no risk in downloading it. Essentially you drop into a map as a duo or trio (sometimes solo, depending on LTMs), loot up, hunt and kill to be the last team standing. and my word, is a victory royale satisfying!

What is it I like about Apex Legends so much? The variety. In the game you play as a legend, each legend has their own set of abilities. These abilities and open character selection in each team means no scenario can be the same in the multiplayer. In most multiplayer games the same tactics start to appear again and again, even the battle royale style games that are so popular now. The storm, the ring, the gas, whatever the catalyst is in the battle royale you play, this adds a variety to the game mode. But eventually, map locations become learnt and the same meta or tactic developed. But with Apex, you have the added variable of legend abilities. This means you can hold a building that you know all too well in a final ring, but a Loba bracelet, Caustic gas or Wattson fence can completely scupper a pre-built strategy that you’ve seen a streamer recommend.

You can find the game to download here.